Developer of radio electronic devices



The proposed position is intended to strengthen the team with embedded engineering professional. The goal is to develop and program an electrical pre-processing board for recording analog signals and subsequent digitization of this signal with time synchronization via GPS. The developed solution should be tested and delivered in a maintainable way. This position implies regular communications within peers from the whole center and other research centers, as well as with product owners in the head office in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It will be possible to take part in the conferences and publish journal papers.

Key functions and responsibilities:

  • Сode writing for microcontrollers of the STM32 family (optionally Analog Device microcontrollers: ADUCM);
  • The design and manufacturing of electronic board;
  • Adjustment, launch, and maintenance of the developed software;
  • Create end-user and project documentation.


  • C/C++ is essential;
  • Knowledge of microcontroller software architecture;
  • Experience with peripherals via I2C, SPI, UART, USB interfaces;
  • Experience with FreeRTOS;
  • Experience in developing time-synchronized systems;
  • Knowledge of Altium Designer, KiCAD or similar tools is required;
  • Knowledge of digital circuitry (board layout, work with analog and radio electronics);
  • Experience in prototyping and preparing for the manufacture of printed circuit boards;
  • Ability to write well-structured and documented code;
  • Ability to work with control and measuring equipment;
  • Basic knowledge of Python is needed for the post-processing of experimental data;
  • Version control systems (GitLab is preferred);
  • Background in signal processing will be a plus;
  • Experience with ROS will be a plus;
  • Good communication skills in English are important. Please use English profile to apply for this role.

Will be an advantage:

  • Knowledge of the basics of designing network protocols;
  • Experience in creating automated build scripts (make, Cmake);
  • Robotics background will be a plus;
  • Experience with LoRa;
  • Experience with GPS and/or GLONASS;
  • Background in mathematics will be a plus;
  • Knowledge of oil and gas industry fundamentals (geophysics).


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